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Marketing is the process that plans and carries out designs, pricing, promotion and marketing
distribution of ideas, goods and services aimed at creating markets and satisfying the objectives of individuals e
organizations. The term "process" means a set of activities aimed at achieving a
goal, to satisfy the needs of people.

So it is not simply a managerial process, but also and above all perhaps a social process aimed at promoting values and satisfying the desires and needs of people and markets. Marketing today means taking actions to create value around the company and products / services. Unfortunately, even today in many organizations, especially the smaller ones, marketing is considered not as an innovative way to achieve
objectives but rather as a commercial tool that risks distorting and commercializing
the third sector. Therefore, the introduction of marketing in the non-profit world must be the fruit of a
cultural change and a new perspective on the future. A change is in fact necessary
cultural and a reconsideration of the concept of marketing, no longer seen as commercial but as
strategic and necessary tool to create value.

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